Sunday, 23 August 2015

Natalie in the (vivid) pink

Well, well, well. It has been a while, and I have all but dropped off the radar! But I am alive and kicking, despite winter giving me little inclination to venture into my sewing room. It's much warmer to nap, read, and cook at this time of year than it is to undergo fittings.

Thanks to Kat of ModernVintageCupcakes for the photos!
When I am sewing though, it's quick, easy things: so anything in knit fabric, which has the added benefit of being warm. And I'm particularly chuffed with my latest: a Muse Patterns Natalie, in the same vibrant raspberry merino as a top made for Indie Pattern Month, which you'll find here - because re-blogging is boring.

So! After ogling the pattern for some time, I settled on some stashed merino for my Natalie. After some debate I settled on the variation with no waist gathers, a decision I now regret. I was worried that the gathers would make me look like I'd just consumed triple portions of Christmas dinner, but without them the knit is in prime belly-gripping position, and makes me look it anyway. But heck, it's winter. It was fun and fast to sew, had some interesting lines (it is SO GOOD to sew a knit dress that isn't a hyped-but-uninspired tank dress).

That's what I like about Muse Patterns - they've got character. There's some lovely details in the patterns that harken back to old Colette patterns, but without the fitting issues that I've had with their boxy bodice. Muse patterns are easy to fit - I should have shortened the back length, because I'm a petite and I always have to, and I did have to ignore the 'cut on fold' instruction for the centre back, to make it fit my back and waist better. But as Kat said, "that's what the waist ties are for" - so these aspects are either my choice or idiosyncratic to me.

And once again I get to swan about in something that isn't black. True, I often pair this with thick black stockings and a black cardi, so I'm not blameless. But it's an outfit I like and I still feel brighter and more cheery than others in the crowd. In fact, I quite like walking to work in the mornings and noting that I'm one of few wearing colour. I suppose I have that much more freedom than those who shop at retail stores - their palettes are much more defined than what you'll find in a fabric store.

I must get back into the sewing room more often though. Sewing can be a lovely, meditative activity. That said I'm currently doing battle with a Vogue pattern - the instructions leave me flummoxed, so I'm puzzling it out alone. If you're lucky I'll have it up next weekend to fit with The Monthly Stitch's second birthday challenge - where we're sewing something to do with two. Best stop reading Game of Thrones then, that's also eating up my sewing time.